Get ready for an enthralling Jungle Safari in Kanpur

Get ready for an enthralling Jungle Safari in Kanpur

This Jungle Safari kicking off from Kanpur Zoo is set to be an experience of a lifetime.

Safaris are adventurous, and give us an opportunity to explore the un-ruined terrains of desert, country side, and not to forget, the forests. But have you ever wanted to get close to animals, their natural habitats, and explore the jungle? A Jungle Safari allows you to do just that.

Now, an all new Jungle Safari in Kanpur allows you to see wildlife in action. Presenting an on ground way to understand the beauty of the eco system on our planet, such a Jungle Safari is an experience to behold. It comes in a package of fun filled outback adventure sports, forest walks and sightseeing, so there's lots to do as well.

An immersive jungle safari experience  

If you are an ardent nature enthusiast, this is indeed the best way to explore the uncovered trails of nature. Highly economical, the Jungle Safari in Kanpur lets you enjoy a wide range of domestic and foreign animals including lions, crocodiles, deers, exotic birds and more. Reopened on January 14, 2023, travellers were entranced by a set of lions fighting each other and with Painted Siberian Storks flying in the sky,

Talking about the natural beauty of this place, the safari covers an immersive expand of greenery constituting beautiful rivers and lakes. And to make the wildlife visible more prominently, the management has built three watchtowers, atop which you can see as far as possible.

Knock Knock

As per the Zoo Director, special precautions have be employed for maximum safety of the people coming to visit. As part of this, 12 CCTV cameras have been installed to monitor the visitors.

Maximum 10 people will be allowed in 1 batch of the Jungle Safari which last for more than an hour. 

Ticket Price : ₹100

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