Get your daily dose of caffeine at the recently launched Starbucks store in Kanpur

Get your daily dose of caffeine at the recently launched Starbucks store in Kanpur

Starbucks is now in Kanpur!

Standing at the Z-Square Mall as the 40th store of this financial year, Kanpur's first Starbucks store is going to be a heavenly solution to all your coffee cravings! So get set going now to get your hands a 'venti cup' of a perfect brew and uplift the delights of a happy day or beat the blues of a sad one.

It is Coffee 'O Clock in Kanpur

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Tata Starbucks has emerged as the most prominent and popular coffee shop, with as many as 220 stores across the country. Its popularity has transcended beyond the metro cities in India and the latest addition to this list is Kanpur.

There are a variety of offers you can avail here, so satiate all your coffee hankerings as your cruise through their expansive menu that includes popular items such as Cafe Mocha, Java Chip Frappuccino, Signature Hot Chocolate, Caramel Machito among others.

Spring special menu, brewed specially for Kanpur's coffee lovers

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Kanpurites, Starbucks is here to win your hearts and how! They have crafted a spring special menu that will offer drinks like Mango Popper Frappuccino, Salted Caramel Cloud Machito to energise you, with their refreshing appeal. Plant-based coffees such as Oats Cocoa Machito, Oats Cocoa Frappuccino and Iced Oats Cocoa Machito, etc are also available here.

Following the mantra of 'topical is the trump card', Tata Starbucks is also serving Holi special drinks that are a special blend of their choicest flavours and colours. Customers can also taste the exquisiteness of the grubs made by the celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor when here- giving them that desi feeling in this international coffee house.

You can also access their free Wi-Fi here, offering the perfect opportunity to change the boring backdrop of your work from home setting, from your room to its leather couches! Get your hands on rewards and merchandise as you visit and become a part of the elite Starbucks experience.

Needless to say, they are following prime health and hygiene standards to prioritise the safety and well being of their customers. Special care is being taken to prepare, process and manufacture products. All staff workers here follow the standards of COVID prevention. Face masks, face covering, temperature scanning, mobile order and payments have been made available here for the benefit of the customers, so get set going.

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