Give 'Gabbar' a call because we now know 'Holi 2023 kab hai'

Give 'Gabbar' a call because we now know 'Holi 2023 kab hai'

The date for performing Holika Dahan has also been announced by astrologers.

Putting an end to all the debate and confusion regarding the right dates for performing Holika Dahan and celebrating Holi in 2023, astrologers have announced March 8 as the date for playing colors while the intervening night between March 6 and March 7 has been marked for performing Holika Dahan.

What was the cause behind the confusion?

The date for Holika Dahan is decided based on three things which include full moon date, the time after sunset and whether or not there is the Bhadra Kaal (considered to be an inauspicious time). And as we know, Holi is celebrated a day after Holika Dahan. This year, though, Bhadra Kaal will start in the evening of full moon, which is the reason why there was some confusion surrounding the dates for Holi.

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