Golden opportunity for students! IIT Kanpur is offering 2 FREE online courses on Data Sciences

Golden opportunity for students! IIT Kanpur is offering 2 FREE online courses on Data Sciences

Interested students can apply for 2 free online courses on Data Science at IIT Kanpur

Data Science is one of the most popular emerging domains and sought-after career options. Now, IIT Kanpur inviting applications for two new online courses on data science on the NPTEL platform for no cost. The course is being offered in two parts, namely Data Science With R Software 1: Probability And Statistical Inference, and Data Science With R Software 2: Sampling Theory And Linear Regression Analysis.

What topics will the courses cover?

The course will aim at imparting students with the knowledge to apply data analysis with aid of statistics. The topics have enormous applicability in data science and need to be viewed from a data based computational perspective. Some of the topics that will be covered as part of the course are as follows:

  • Introduction to data science, basic calculations with R Software and probability theory.

  • Probability theory and random variables.

  • Random variables and discrete probability distributions.

  • Continuous probability distributions.

  • Introduction to data science and calculations with R software.

  • Basic fundamentals of sampling.

  • Simple random sampling.

  • Introduction to linear models and regression and simple linear regression analysis

  • Simple linear regression analysis with R.

  • Multiple linear regression analysis.

Learn the data science world for 12 weeks 

Both courses will be available for a period of twelve weeks, and it is advised that interested students take the first part of the course before moving on to the second. Preferably, students with mathematical background up to class XII can apply for the course. Furthermore, the course will be conducted by Dr. Shalabh, a professor of statistics at IIT-K, who has been actively involved in developing web based and MOOC courses in NPTEL including on regression analysis.

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