Here's why Kanpur Metro is the solution to all your daily travel-hustle

Here's why Kanpur Metro is the solution to all your daily travel-hustle

Work on Kanpur Metro Orange Line is scheduled to be completed by December 2024.

For a daily-hustler, what’s something that is most important? One thing for sure is transportation. And coming to their rescue is Kanpur Metro, providing to the people, a robust transit system to deal with rising vehicular traffic, within the city.

Even though building a mass transport network in one of the oldest industrial cities is no ordinary feat, this dream is now a reality for the citizens of Kanpur. Let’s have a look at why you should choose Kanpur Metro as your daily mode of transport.

Fastest mode of transport in Kanpur 

Travelling at a constant speed 80km/h, with zero traffic interruptions, Kanpur Metro will help you reach your destination in the shortest time. With a new train, coming every five to seven minutes, time is no longer an issue. So hop on, for now, reaching office on time, or attending the first class in the morning can be your regular routine.

Ancillary services along with no litter polity

What is better than sitting comfortably, in a clean and fresh environment. To make travel pollution-free, Kanpur metro has a no litter policy in the premises of each station as well as the train. Along with this, it also has clean RO water, toilets and escalators at for daily commuters.

Adaptable air conditioners for every weather 

Having AC facility in summers and a heated one in winters sounds much like a privilege to everyone. With the availability of Kanpur Metro, this has been made easily available to daily commuters. It is currently running across nine active stations in Kanpur, with three fully AC coaches in each train.

Coming to the rescue of daily travellers, especially students 

Often while driving, one is consumed by traffic noises, constant need to check the road and is unable to answer calls. However, with Kanpur metro, travellers can easily answer calls or enjoy a peaceful ambience without constant headache of traffic. Daily scholars travelling to city’s famous IIT college or Kanpur University, have a plus side, as both fall near specific metro stations.

Connecting major nodes of Kanpur  

Keeping in mind that at present, the number of daily metro passengers stands between twelve to thirteen thousand, metro authority has provided a robust management to connect major nodes of Kanpur. The priority section of the Kanpur Metro, from IIT-Kanpur to Moti Jheel, include Kalyanpur, SPM Hospital, Kanpur University, Gurudev Crossing, Geeta Nagar, Rawatpur and GSVM Medical College stations.

Economical mode of transport with GoSmart Card facility 

The minimum fare on the Red line of Kanpur Metro is ₹10, while the maximum fare is ₹30. If you board a metro train from IIT Kanpur Metro Station, you can reach SPM Hospital Metro Station in only ₹15, Gurudev Chauraha Metro Station in ₹20 and Motijheel Metro Station in ₹30. Doesn’t that sound tempting? 

Additionally, GoSmart cards for unlimited monthly travel, are also available.

Convenient for tourist visiting Kanpur 

Kanpur Metro has made sight seeing in Kanpur easier. Various tourist friendly spots such as Moti Jheel, Japani Garde, JK Temple, Ganga Barrage, Nano Rao Park along with city’s famous Z Square Mall fall within a 15 kms radius from specific metro stations. Kanpur Metro also issues, valid for one to three days, tourist cards which can be used for unlimited rides in a day.

Kanpur Metro | A win-win for everyone

Kanpur Metro would is providing to the residents of the city access to a world-class transport system. The industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh, is home to over forty-one lakh people, and having a metro network is a much-needed infrastructural necessity.

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