Hit the roads & drive to some of these nearby locations on a rainy day in Kanpur

Hit the roads & drive to some of these nearby locations on a rainy day in Kanpur

Rains, roads & nature in Kanpur spell utmost calm

Offering you an interesting mix of sights and sounds, the bustling city of Kanpur has a lot of history, culture and tradition running in its veins. And when it rains, everything gets even more interesting and fun! From the historical monuments to exciting modern recreational spaces, there is a lot to discover in Kanpur.

And, we are here with a list of 5 places you can take a drive to with your family or friends on a tranquil rainy day in Kanpur.

Ride to Bithoor

On a serene rainy day, driving through the narrow roads bordered with lush greenery along the mighty Ganga is something to live for. So, get ready, roadrunners, for an amazing experience that Bithoor has to offer.

Located at a short distance from Kanpur city, the town of Bithoor is an old settlement located on the banks of river Ganga. The town features architecturally rich destinations like Brahmavart and Patthar Ghats, along with Bithoor Museum.

So, people, hit the roads for a mesmerising experience that the drive to Bithoor, via the Fort road, has to offer.

The scenic Lav Kush Barrage

Also referred to as the Marine Drive of Kanpur, the Ganga Barrage aka Lav Kush Barrage crosses the majestic Ganges and is an iconic part of the city. Suffice to say that this barrage is the lifeline of Kanpurites!

However, there so much more that this snug and renowned place has to offer. From becoming the perfect setting to watch the sundown over the edge of Ganga with your loved ones to chilling with friends at the nearby chai tapris that are located here in abundance, Ganga Barrage is the place to be at. You can munch on some snacks while witnessing the beauty of nature!

Leather industry hub — Jajmau Fort

Now, a crowded industrial suburb known as Kanpur’s leather industry hub, Jajmau was once home to the iconic fort of King Yayati and was known by the name of Siddhapuri.

Today, only the relics of the Jajmau fort, which had immense historic significance in the times of King Yayati, exist. However, the place is aesthetically pleasing and shelters relics of both the Jajmau fort and the dying leather industry.

So, take along the historian residing within you to this less explored destination while enjoying the scenic beauty of a rainy day. On your drive to Jajmau, you can also visit some of the old mosques that dot the town and the Siddhnath Ghat, located on the banks of river Ganga.

Massacre Ghat & its dark history

Rains, roads and history — what else do you need to convert a boring day into an interesting one!? Just like Bithoor and Jajmau, the Satti Chaura Ghat, more commonly referred to as the Massacre Ghat, in Kanpur carries with it historical importance too. However, sometimes that beautiful history that we imagine has certain dark stories associated with it.

The ghat has seen sacrifices of thousands of women who committed sati at the time when the practice was not abolished by the law. And in more recent times, this was the site where countless casualties were caused during the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857.

Chai & samosa @ Pradhan Dhaba

Well, speaking of rains, one can never deny a hot cup of chai and crispy pyaaz or paneer pakodi. And what if we tell you that there is a perfect place for you to have it all? The Pradhan Dhaba near Bunny has now become a huge snack joint and owes its popularity to its location on the main Kanpur-Lucknow highway.

One can also try samosa, aloo tikki chat and other snack items. Interestingly, Chai at the Pradhan Dhaba gives a regal feeling as it is served in a Pyala-shaped kullad. So, you surely cannot afford to miss out on this one!

By now, you might have noticed that the river Ganga holds everlasting importance, giving Kanpur a touch of glory and uniqueness. Now that you have this list, all you need to do is wait for the rain gods to show mercy for your next indelible road trip!

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