IIT Kanpur's virtual audit platform to support optimal use of oxygen for COVID patients

IIT Kanpur's virtual audit platform to support optimal use of oxygen for COVID patients

IIT Kanpur has also collaborated with I2 Cure for research on 'Bioshield', a proven protection against COVID.

In an attempt to promote better management of oxygen resources, the Indian IIT-Kanpur will develop software for auditing and monitoring the use of this life-sustaining gas. After this virtual platform for assessing and reviewing oxygen usage is prepared, it shall be handed over to the government for optimal utilisation of the limited supplies. In addition to this, the institute has also partnered with I2 Cure for research on 'Bioshield', a testified protection against COVID.

Software to aid in the monitoring of oxygen for L2 & L3 category COVID beds

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In the present circumstances marked by an acute shortage of oxygen, balanced use of the available resources becomes extremely crucial. Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Awanish Kumar Awasthi, informed that IIT Kanpur will develop the audit software and transfer it to the government with all the relevant details about its functioning.

He also mentioned that a number of hospitals across the state of Uttar Pradesh are treating a large count of COVID patients. "These hospitals have beds of L1, L2 and L3 category, in which L2and L3 category beds require oxygen which needs to be monitored," he stated. It is through this software that the oxygen supplies to all such patients will be checked and controlled to prevent any unrequired usage.

Platform to provide a mechanism for better & balanced use of oxygen

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It is very important to ensure rational and justified usage of oxygen in order to achieve an equilibrium between the increasing demands and scarce supplies. While rules and regulations have been laid out by the central government in this regard, the software shall aid in better deployment of resources, increasing the scope of benefits.

IIT-K Director Abhay Karandikar, IIM-Lucknow Director Archana Shukla, Vikas Dubey from IIT-BHU, (Varanasi), AKTU Vice-Chancellor Vinay Kumar Pathak, Vice-Chancellor of MMUT, Gorakhpur, JP Pandey, Vice-Chancellor of HBTU, Kanpur, Prof Shamsher, MNIT Director (Prayagraj) Rajeev Tiwari, and Additional Professor at SGPGIMS Ashish Kanaujia, attended the online conference to discuss this new project on Sunday.

IIT Kanpur to take part in future research on 'Bioshield'

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I2 Cure, a 'Make in India for the World' biotech firm, has been involved in the development of 'Bioshield'. Now, IIT-Kanpur has entered into an agreement with the organisation for further research on this game-changing product. "Not only does the Molecular Iodine-based BioShield protect against Covid but is effective against all Bacterial, Fungal, Viral threats, Tuberculosis, Tinea and all other skin diseases", said an official.

-With Inputs from IANS

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