IIT-Kanpur created an ICU-grade ventilator, costing less than half of the imported ones

Till now, they have sold 300 pieces of this ventilator model.

Keeping in sight the high number of COVID-19 patients in the country who need ventilator services, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kanpur has developed a ventilator, which is significantly cheaper than the ones available in the market. A startup formed at IIT Kanpur, has created a top-notch quality ventilator in just 2-3 months with indigenous technology and equipment. Imported ventilators are sold at a price of 10-12 lakhs but this new ventilator model is available at 2.5 to 3 lakhs.

Cost-effective ICU-grade ventilator with latest in-built features

In the past months during the surging covid crisis, the biggest concern was the lack of ventilators given the deteriorating conditions in Europe and America. So this task was undertaken by the scientists at IIT Kanpur and a startup, built at the institute itself. The best part about this ventilator is that, unlike the others, the risk of transmission of the infection from this ventilator to the medical staff is at zero.

The head of strategy at IIT Kanpur's Startup Incubation and Innovation Center, also mentioned that back in March, the institute's professors were worried about how serious the condition would be if the infection kept progressing. So on March 19, several professors met with Nocca Robotics, a startup, to address the shortage of ventilators in the country. It was decided that a portable ventilator with minimal medical equipment should be made, which can be installed quickly and used for treating patients.

In a short span of time, the design was made ready and preparations commenced in April, of assembling this project which took place in Pune. According to the head of strategy, keeping in mind the conditions and new standards, they decided to come up with ICU-grade ventilators- a reformed version of the previous plan. There is also a facility for monitoring the state of the patient, by connecting the machine to the doctor's mobile phone.

This new ventilator also solves the issues of infection transmission by disinfecting the infected patient's breath through its inbuilt ultraviolet chamber. This makes it safe for doctors and other staff present on site. Apart from this, there is also a special feature of high-flow oxygen within the ventilator, which is usually bought separately when purchasing a foreign-built one. These oxygen device require an investment of 2-5 lakhs, additionally. Till now, they have sold 300 pieces of this ventilator model.

BMC records 3% case positivity at free COVID-19 testing centres across Mumbai!

The state authorities have capped the cost of COVID testing at ₹14,000 at private labs in Mumbai.

In view of the rising infection of coronavirus in Mumbai, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation had inducted about 244 free disease testing facilities in the first week of November. Launched in all 24 wards of the financial capital, these zero-cost COVID testing centres witnessed a surged footfall of 1 lakh volunteers, out of which about 3% tested positive for the infection. With the identification of about 26, 929 confirmed cases in Mumbai, the civc body centres have helped discover 11% of the state's confirmed cases in the last month.

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Makkhan Malai at Chowk

As a true-blue Lucknowite, you will relate to the fact that Makhan Malai is nothing short of a pure bliss on a cool winter day. To put it simply, this delicacy embodies the taste of both comfort and luxury melting in your mouth and if you haven't tried it yet, well, it is time! During your strolls amid the nooks and corners of famous markets in Lucknow, you'll find sellers beckoning you with their Makhan Malai thelas but if you want to taste the authentic tones of this dish, then you've to head to the Gol Darwaza in Chowk. Wrapped in a zaika like no other and generous slices of nazaakat, this one dessert is a must-try when in Lucknow.

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Goa's One Time Settlement Scheme 2020 allows defaulters to clear their dues in instalments!

State has proposed to drop DPC fully or partially based on the repayment period opted by defaulters.

The Chief Minister of Goa launched State Electricity Department's new One Time Settlement Scheme 2020 in a function at the Secretariat in Porvorim on Monday. This scheme gives an opportunity to all defaulting consumers to pay their pending dues of electricity bills to the Electricity Department with either partly or fully waiver of Delayed Payment Charges (DPC) based on the period of repayment.

Applications under this scheme can be submitted by the deadline of December 31, 2020. The Cabinet Head dignified this proposition as one of the biggest steps in the state in the last 60 years, adding, a similar scheme would be launched by the public works department (PWD) for water bills as well.

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India's first organ donor memorial in Jaipur honours those who have saved lives of strangers

This exclusive memorial has been established jointly by Mohan Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum (MFJCF) and the Jaipur Municipal Corporation.

On Friday, to mark the occasion of National Organ Donation Day, the CM of Rajasthan inaugurated the country's first organ donor memorial in Jaipur. This exclusive memorial has been established jointly by Mohan Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum (MFJCF) and the Jaipur Municipal Corporation, near the city's SMS Hospital, in honour of those who have given life to others in need. The names of 38 organ donors who have saved the lives of over 100 people in Rajasthan, Delhi and Mumbai, are etched on the memorial.

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KMC to allot unique code to each district property in order to increase tax collection in Kanpur

Kanpur Municipal Corporation has hired a Lucknow-based firm to survey all properties & assign the unique code.

In an attempt to increase revenue through tax collection, Kanpur's civic body has decided to assign a unique code to each property across the state, detailing through the identity of the estate. The code will bring all properties in the city- residential, commercial and mix, into the ambit of the tax net, helping the KMC to replenish their revenue bank.

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