IIT Kanpur & Defence Ministry develop CPGRAMS, govt's first AI-powered grievance redressal app

IIT Kanpur & Defence Ministry develop CPGRAMS, govt's first AI-powered grievance redressal app

The CPGRAMS mobile application was launched on Thursday by the Defence Minister.

In an innovative update, the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, has developed an AI-powered grievance management application, in association with the Ministry of Defence. Known as Centralised Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS), this data science and machine learning-based network is the first-of-its-kind automation adopted by the government to sort through public complaints. An advanced tool, this app has the capability to understand the content of the complaint and categorise it as repeated grievance or spam, accordingly.

A tripartite collaboration for CPGRAMS app

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The Defence Minister on Thursday, launched the CPGRAMS, to ease the ordeal of the complaint redressal system in the government. A specimen of digital expertise, this software has been devised to analyse grievances and reduce human intervention, save time and include transparency in their disposal. It is expected to significantly strengthen the pillars of the public grievance system, extending required and timely service to the people.

The web-based application has been developed with the joint efforts of the MoD (Department of Defence), Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) along with the technical assistance of IIT Kanpur. The three bodies had inked an MoU for this project on August 4, 2020, read reports. Professors Shalabh, Nisheeth Srivastava, and Piyush Rai from the institute were an integral part of the development procedure.

IIT Kanpur and the Ministry of Defense, have decided to continue their collaboration to harness advanced leverage over the use of AI and data science, for the redressal of citizens' grievances in the coming years. The success of CPGRAMS will pave the way for the extension of its use across other Ministries as well. The application will be improved and customised further, with more features in the next three years.

Improving the landscape of public grievance redressal system

The CPGRAMS, with its easy user-friendly search, enables users to draft their queries in categories based on management requirements. This will systematise and expedite the generation of results. It will be a boon to handle the lakhs of complaints received on the portal of DARPG to understand the nature of the complaints and the regions from where they are filed, facilitating the introduction of policy changes or administrative improvements.
The contribution of the reputed IIT Kanpur has not only brought excellence and expertise to the system but has also channelled the use of artificial intelligence and related technologies into governance and administration in India, the Defence Minister stated. It will help create a more transparent and effective system, encouraging the development of other such effective citizen-centric provisions.

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