IIT Kanpur develops a drone technology course for technical institutes

IIT Kanpur develops a drone technology course for technical institutes

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Whether it is for humanitarian purposes or for different surveillance activities, drones have turned out to be a highly useful innovation. To further increase the usage and learning on this subject, IIT Kanpur has developed a special course on drone technology.

IIT Kanpur is one of the leading tech institutes of India that has been working on promoting drone tech through various initiatives. This new course will too, contribute to the same, as it will be propagated and taught at IITs, other technical institutes and skill development centres of India.

The two year degree course has been developed by aerospace scientists

Acknowledging the immense potential in cutting-edge tech, the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology instructed the premiere institute to create a dedicated course.

The course developed by IIT Kanpur is a two-year degree program in drone technology. To be taught in most of the noteworthy tech institutes, this course has been designed by two scientists of aerospace engineering, Dr Abhishek and Mangal Kothari, and will lay equal emphasis on both theory and practical sections.

Famous drones made by IIT Kanpur:

The best drones from IIT Kanpur include Alakh that weighs just 225 grams. It has been developed for the armed forces for surveillance purposes. Drone named 'Gauraiya' appears like a sparrow and weighs 239 grams. It has proved its worth in hills and mountains. Hawk is a powerhouse of 300 grams, can fly for 25 minutes and sends live footage in an area of 2 km. The Auto-Pilot is armed with artificial intelligence and this drone sends all the data to the control room even if it has crashed.

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