IIT Kanpur develops 'Swasa', a nano-tech-based air purifier with a range of 400m

IIT Kanpur develops 'Swasa', a nano-tech-based air purifier with a range of 400m

The revolutionary air purifier, 'Swasa' can clean the air within its 400m radius and can also filter out harmful viruses and bacteria.

IIT-Kanpur and E-spin Nanotech, a Kanpur-based startup have jointly developed a state-of-the-art nanotechnology-based air purifier, named Swasa. The revolutionary air purifier can purify the air within its 400m radius. It can also filter out harmful microbial elements such as viruses and bacteria to further release decontaminated and pollution-free air in its range. Reportedly, the tech has been developed after a four-year-long research period.

Highly efficient air purification solution at a reasonable cost 

The 'Swasa' air purifier uses specialized nanofiber technology i.e. the N Hepa nanofiber membrane which enables eight stage air purification. This allows the purifier to separate particles below 2.5 micrometres in diameter (referred to as PM 2.5) from the air. Also, the purifier uses cutting-edge tech which allows it to cleanse air within a radius of 300 to 400 square feet, which is comparatively thrice the efficiency of other similar commercial purifiers. Furthermore, the maintenance of this product is also quite easy.

With this, the estimated cost of the air purifier will be between ₹13,000-₹14,000. This will expectedly work as a solution by providing cleaner and refined air during the present scenario where air quality levels have significantly plummeted in most of the urban areas.

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