IIT Kanpur grants special academic relaxations to the UG batch of 2021 amid COVID chaos

IIT Kanpur grants special academic relaxations to the UG batch of 2021 amid COVID chaos

There will be no termination of UG batch of 2020-2021-II based on academic performance, stated IIT Kanpur Director.

In the current mayhem of the COVID-19 situation, the academic senate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, has awarded several relaxations to undergraduate students. The Director of IIT-K announced that there would be no termination from the UG programs for the 2020-21-II batch based on the academic performance. Additionally, an 18-credit (or two courses) waiver can also be availed by these students, for any course type.

IIT grants special provisions to UG students

Amid the chaos of a raging second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Kanpur's premier technology institute, IIT-K, has prioritised the mental health of its students by reducing the pressure of academic assessments. In a tweet, the institute Director, Abhay Karandikar, stated that the academic senate has taken "several extraordinary measures" for the benefits of the students. While termination has been ruled out this year and there will be a 'No Fail' grade, the instructor can de-register students.

Further, the graduating batch of IIT-Kanpur can avail of waiver for lab courses that were not offered during either semester of the academic year of 2021 or the summer term of 2021. Additionally, a waiver of 18 credits can be availed by the students. "I believe that the above measures approved by the Academic Senate will greatly help alleviate the anxiety of the students," Mr Karandikar state in a tweet.

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