4 eMasters programs launched by IIT Kanpur to especially benefit working professionals!

4 eMasters programs launched by IIT Kanpur to especially benefit working professionals!

From Communication Systems to Commodity Markets and Risk Management, the courses are based over a range of subjects!

Opening doors to new and better opportunities, the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur launched four eMasters programs on Thursday. Aimed at providing enhanced virtual learning facilities amid the pandemic, the programs are expected to benefit a large number of working professionals. As per the given information, the four online courses are based on Communication Systems, Cybersecurity, Power Sector Regulation, Economics and Management, and Commodity Markets and Risk Management.

A chance to hone skills & improve employability prospects [twitter_embed https://twitter.com/karandi65/statuses/1400365318837391365 iframe_id="twitter-embed-1400365318837391365" created_ts=1622708084 name="Abhay Karandikar" embed_mobile_width=375 text="I am delighted to announce the launch of a new eMasters program @IITKanpur for working professionals to enhance their skill sets & improve their employability. Courses will likely commence from August. The details will be announced soon on the institute website. Stay tuned !pic.twitter.com/oDtzA0JE0m" embed_desktop_height=673 embed_desktop_width=550 embed_mobile_height=613 id="1400365318837391365" expand=1 screen_name="karandi65"]

Informing about the latest development, Professor Abhay Karandikar, Director of IIT Kanpur said that the courses have been crafted by expert faculties and they will be taught by the best teachers. He stated, "While the candidates will have to complete a set of courses in a flexible time period, they will also attend two weeks of contact program involving lab sessions, demonstrations, and lab visits. The curriculum designed aims to make professionals future-ready."

Helping the students to increase the range of their career possibilities, the courses will make them future-ready. It is expected that the application process will be conducted in the month of July while the classes may begin in August. Additionally, all other relevant information related to the programs shall be apprised through the university website.

Courses to create a variety of trained professionals

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The director acquainted that the cybersecurity course has been launched, in view of reports that indicate a need of more than a million professionals in this field soon. Further, the program on communication systems will help in creating trained employees to deal with expanding innovations like 5G, 6G and edge computing. Similarly, the other two programs shall aid in the booming requirement of commodity derivatives specialists and power sector regulators, respectively.

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