IIT Kanpur & Microsoft to launch ‘Azure Society of Excellence’ guiding futuristic startups

IIT Kanpur & Microsoft to launch ‘Azure Society of Excellence’ guiding futuristic startups

IIT Kanpur and Microsoft will work together to support startups by extending mentorship and employment

With yet another progressive visionary initiative, Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC) of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur and Microsoft, India are planning to launch Azure Society of Excellence to enable ‘future-ready’ startups that can prepare for what lies ahead. Under this dynamism, SIIC and Microsoft will work together to support the startups by extending mentorship, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

IIT Kanpur, Microsoft join hands to provide tech support to startups

Azure Society of Excellence is an exclusive program launched by Microsoft India to help premium incubation cells fulfil the technological demands of Born In Cloud tech start-ups. With a blend of these two, the startups from IIT Kanpur will get access to flexible, scalable resources such as API Integration with GitHub, visits to Microsoft Tech Center in Bengaluru for demonstration of tech value and scheduled in-person/online sessions. Furthermore, they can avail access to Microsoft ISV – Independent Software Vendors, and opportunities to work with Microsoft, and list on the Microsoft Marketplace. 

The collaboration also encapsulates a ‘Founder’s Hub’- a talent-employability program for which Microsoft and SIIC, IIT Kanpur will hand-pick startups. The shortlisted startups can build prototypes using Azure credits with potential opportunities to work with Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) and the Microsoft leadership team.

A valuable initiative for the Start-up ecosystem 

The journey of a technical start-up is long and laborious. Many start-ups fail to make it through. However, with the help of this agreement between SIIC and Microsoft, startups at SIIC will reach new heights. Microsoft offers an excellent software pool, structure and expert support which, as and when blended with the innovations of innovators, will make a remarkable difference in the society plus the startup ecosystem.

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