IIT Kanpur & MIT’s new invention can provide clean water at just ₹2/litre

IIT Kanpur & MIT’s new invention can provide clean water at just ₹2/litre

Reportedly, the two institutes have also received a joint Indian patent for the novel device

Necessity is the cradle of creativity and as the world stares at the issue of global water crisis, an innovation by Kanpur's apex technology institute brings respite. IIT-K has developed a novel device that seeks to revolutionise the process of water purification, catering to the need for clean water at an economic rate of ₹2 per litre. Additionally, the device runs on a zero-maintenance cost, which further adds to its affordability.

For water availability & affordability: 

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IIT-K is known for its ground-breaking innovations in the field of agriculture, technology and healthcare, where the new apparatus titled, “A Vessel and A Method for Purifying Water and Monitoring Quality of Water” is yet another addition to its incubation expertise.

Developed by IIT Kanpur, in association with MIT, the revolutionary device aims to overcome the challenges in both water availability and water quality monitoring at affordable rates.

This purification vessel has a regenerable sorbent material to concentrate water impurities and preserve them in a moist or dry format. The yield, in turn, is inorganic, clean and contaminant-free water which is fit for consumption. Build to sustain independently, the apparatus operates without power too, leaving zero residual wastewater leading and null maintenance expenses.

Can purify dairy, soft drinks & other liquids too 

Apart from the purification of drinking water, the comprehensive device can also be used in the food and beverage industry, wastewater reuse, batch generation of deionised water and agricultural water monitoring.

A multi-purpose device, the vessel can further be used to purify liquids other than water too. The apparatus performs all its functions effectively for dairy products, soft drinks and other ingestible liquids as well.

As the spotlight slowly turns towards the global issue of a water crisis, this invention by IIT-K is expected to completely transform the process of water purification and yield and provide easy access to safe and clean water.

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