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IIT-Kanpur partners with Indian Air Force for research & development in aerospace technology!

IAF and IIT-K will together attempt to drive innovation based on the principles of Aatmanirbharat Bharat.

On September 8, the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Air Force for research and development in the field of aerospace technology. As a part of this program, academic knowledge and technical resources will be shared between the two institutions. With the help of a long-term association, IAF and IIT-K will together attempt to drive innovation based on the principles of Aatmanirbharat Bharat.

A move to set a stage for new, refined & innovative ideas

As per reports, the latest collaboration will propel development in the field of aerospace technology, aircraft structural integrity, aircraft health monitoring and other related areas. Besides fueling technical inventions, the partnership will also help in improved academic resources and practices. IIT-K will provide facilities for the development of better training programs for the air force officials. This will provide a stage for new and inventive ideas.

In addition to this, the students and researchers at IIT-K will be aided by the unmatched expertise and experience of aviation officials. Besides, the doctoral researchers at the institute will be advantaged with the resources for working in the aforementioned fields. Reportedly, the Research Scholar Program will develop a framework under this partnership of the centres. As a part of this, the capable retired IAF officers will be eligible for direct admissions in Ph.D., M.Tech and E-masters at IIT-K.

In line with the national objectives for development, this collaboration will facilitate independent research. Further, it will help in the creation of a think tank, with a pool of officers having strategic and intellectual expertise.

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