IIT-Kanpur develops 'Sanjeevani' oxygen concentrator to fight the expected third wave

IIT-Kanpur develops 'Sanjeevani' oxygen concentrator to fight the expected third wave

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Amid the looming threat of a possible third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Kanpur's premier technology institute has developed 'Sanjeevani', an advanced oxygen concentrator. This new aid aims to ensure adequate oxygen supply that'll prevent a resource crunch during the expected surge of infection in September and October this year.

Sanjeevani: An advanced & flexible oxygen concentrator

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'Sanjeevani' has been developed by a team from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT-Kanpur, under the supervision of Professor J Ramkumar. The concentrator operates at a flow rate of 10 litres per minute (LPM) and relays an oxygen purity of 92% ±3. The advanced equipment can be adjusted from a scale of 1 to 10 LPM, making it flexible for at home usage and even in the hospitals. It promises the supply of steady and sufficient oxygen, added Professor Abhay Karandikar, Director IIT-K.

As per reports, the technology has been transferred and licensed to Albot Technologies Pvt Ltd based in Bangalore to boost its commercial development. A virtual MoU exchange ceremony was conducted on Tuesday between the IIT-K and Albot Technologies. It was attended by Professor Karandikar from the IIT and the CEO of Albot Technologies.

Fast-track development of cost-effective medical devices

The IIT has been actively engaged in curating and engineering pandemic solutions for the past year. The incubator cell of the IIT Kanpur has been working with various stakeholders across the national and international medical spectrum to expedite the development of clinical technologies in India, in the face of the pandemic.

The IIT-Kanpur Director also took this opportunity to inform about the ongoing process of the School of Medical Research and Technology at IIT Kanpur. This facility will have around a 400-bed hospital on the IIT premises, he added. Besides, the R&D activity of this centre will explore the avenue of innovative and cost-effective medical devices.

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