"Just Baat Nahi, Jazbaat" is Nidhi Narwal's newest poetry set and she's bringing it to Kanpur!

"Just Baat Nahi, Jazbaat" is Nidhi Narwal's newest poetry set and she's bringing it to Kanpur!

India's most followed spoken word artist Nidhi Narwal is coming to Kanpur and she's got a lot to say

Often, immersing oneself in art is the best form of catharsis. Poetry, especially, is a spoken art form that has its benefits for the poet as well as the readers/ listeners. If you're someone who has an ear for poetry, then you've got to be at Nidhi Narwal's spoken word poetry show.

She is one of India's most followed poets and her words tend to resonate deep within the conscience of youngsters in India. Using her words, and her skilful writing style, she has indeed made a mark on many impressionable minds in India and that's why you've got to see her live in Kanpur.

What's happening?

This is Nidhi Narwal's first solo tour in India and she's kicking it off with a performance in Lucknow, followed by Kanpur. We're excited that we get to see her early on in the tour.

Her fresh set of poems and haikus are certainly going to tell a hard hitting story. Nidhi Narwal has been writing and performing poetry for a while now and she is quite well known in the literary circles.

She is well known for her impactful poetry that covers variety of topics as well as genres. The fact that there's always a veiled layer behind the seeming simplicity of her writing makes it more exciting than ever as you never know what you're going to find between the lines.

In her own words 'Poetry is less about rhyme and more about meaning'. This realization on her part puts her miles ahead of anyone else in the game.

Something of an icon across various social medias, her fans span all ages and demographics for one sole reason- her poetry is powerful, relatable and heartfelt. The fact that she puts her soul into her writings is what makes it all the more magical and we can not wait to see her perform in the city.

Knock Knock

We have been looking forward to this poetry show in Kanpur and now that you know about it, you should book your tickets as well. Her poems often make us realize that life is more than just work and a hectic lifestyle, it is meant to be celebrated, and each moment to be cherished.

When: January 26, 2020

Where: Tree House Cafe, Kanpur

Book your tickets here.

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