New fleet of 20 e-buses to drive zero-pollution public commute in Kanpur

New fleet of 20 e-buses to drive zero-pollution public commute in Kanpur

14 buses of this fleet were launched at Ahirwan; 6 others were deployed at Rania in Kanpur Dehat

The Kanpur city public transport system got an all-new electric green upgrade on Saturday with the launch of 20 e-buses here. As per reports, 14 of this fleet were deployed at Ahirwan while the other 6 were inaugurated at Rania in Kanpur Dehat on the first day of the new year. The buses are expected to drive zero-pollution commute in the city, bringing state-of-the-are travel amenities to around 16,000 passengers daily, in the future. At present, a footfall of around 10,000 persons has been logged-in these services.

33 e-buses to function as metro-feeders in Kanpur

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The Kanpur Divisional Commissioner Raj Shekhar inaugurated around 14 e-buses at the Electric Bus Depot stationed the Ahirwan in addition to 6 others at Rania to streamline daily-commute on the Panki route. This fleet of 20 buses has been dedicated to operating as metro feeders in the coming times, the Divisional Commissioner announced. With this, a total of 33 e-buses in Kanpur will now be integrated with the metro system, thereby improving the last-mile connectivity of the newly launched high-speed rail corridor here.

As of now, around 40 e-buses are plying across Kanpur, ferrying up to 10 thousand travellers daily. With the addition of the new fleet, 60 buses will round up the e-bus consignment. By March 2022, this figure is expected to rise to 100, realising the 'Clean, Green & Resilient Kanpur' dream in the city. It may be noted that a total of 100 smart buses were promised to the district by the state last year, to ensure the movement of world-class, pollution-free traffic in the city.

Kanpur to get new charging stations

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Parallelly, the Kanpur Nagar Nigam has undertaken the responsibility of installing e-bus charging stations, in wake of these rising e-bus units in the city. For this, the civic body has shortlisted several busy areas of the city, where the prominent locales of Swaroop Nagar, Kalyanpur, Mall Road, Parade, Kakadev, Kidwainagar, Jareeb Chowki and Fazalganj will get e-stations in the first phase. Presently, a single charging station of the 'Smart City Mission' is operational in Kanpur at the Ahirwan Deport.

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