Kanpur bags 10th position on India's Smart City list in May 2023

Kanpur bags 10th position on India's Smart City list in May 2023

Read to find out how Kanpur managed to climb to 10th position in the May 2023 rankings, released by Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in India has recently released the rankings for the Smart City mission for the month of May 2023. According to the latest rankings, Kanpur has secured the 10th position.

Additionally, in the state rankings of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur has secured the 3rd position. This is a significant improvement compared to the previous ranking in the month of April, where Kanpur was placed at the 14th position in the same list.

How has Kanpur climbed to the 10th position in the Smart City list?

Initiated in 2018, the Smart City Mission allocated 950 crore rupees towards development projects in the city. As of now, 750 crore rupees worth of projects have been completed. The remaining projects have been given a deadline of June for completion.

Which major ongoing/completed projects have attributed to better rankings of Kanpur in May 2023?

  • Integrated City Command Centre

  • Electricity Supply Department upgrade

  • Water Supply Dept. upgrade

  • Modern Solid Waste Collection

  • Nanarav Park revamp

  • Palika Sports Complex

  • Chunniganj Convention Centre

  • Smart Road systems

  • Collectorate Multilevel Parking

The completion of these development projects has contributed to the improvement of the city's ranking in the Smart City Mission. In February 2023, the city was ranked 18th, and has now improved to a staggering 10th position in May 2023.

Top 10 of the Smart City rankings

According to the Smart City rankings released by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in May 2023, Surat has secured the top position in India, followed by Agra in 2nd place, Bhopal in 3rd place, Ahmedabad in 4th place, Varanasi in 5th place, Tumkuru in 6th place, Madurai in 7th place, Udaipur in 8th place, Vellore in 9th place followed by Kanpur in 10th place.

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