Kanpur bags 28th rank in the Ease of Living Index among 111 cities across the country

Kanpur bags 28th rank in the Ease of Living Index among 111 cities across the country

Improved citizen & civic assessment grants Kanpur Rank No. 28!

Kanpur has managed to bag the 28th position in the Ease of Living Index (EoLI) 2020 released by the Ministry of Urban and Housing Affairs. Reportedly, the department had picked 111 cities across the country, with the intention of ranking 49 out of these and Kanpur has found its way in Top-30, with an average score of about 53.51 points.

Citizen & civic assessment grants Kanpur Rank No. 28

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The EoLI ranking by the Ministry of Urban and Housing Affairs is granted based on the evaluation of the quality of life, abilities, citizens perception and sustainability. In addition to this, civic and municipal performance, finances, planning, services, integration of government and use of technology are also key scoring factors.

In the complete list released by the Ministry on Thursday, it was revealed that Kanpur managed to get 3.2 million citizen feedback, while social media hits were limited to 1.3 million only. A mean score was calculated based on the performance of Kanpur and the city ranked 28 on the list with 53.31 points.

Besides Kanpur, about 7 other districts in Uttar Pradesh found themselves listed in this list of Top 50 cities in India. All these place-holders were able to score over 50% points, except Bareilly which lurked behind at 30-50 point slab. This over-all state performance is a statement of ramped-up progress and improved municipal work in these districts.

Kanpur's glorious Rank 3 in the list of Smart Cities

The improved ease of living of Kanpur points at the multiple civic and developmental tasks that have been undertaken in the city. Officials have pointed out that many new projects facilitating water supply, sewer lines, road transport are in the pipeline. Additionally, the city bus fleet is supposed to induct 300 electric buses while an integrated command centre is also under wraps.

The Kanpur Smart City in-charge brought light to the fact that the ranking of EoLI will further rise once these projects are completed and soon, Kanpur will find its name lodged in the top 10 cities of India.

While the smart city index also puts 100 cities to competition, just last year, Agra, Kanpur and Varanasi had found themselves places in the list of 10 leading cities in the country. While Agra ranked no.1, Kanpur bagged the 3rd position and Varanasi got the 7th position, which only points at the rapid rate of development in these regions. Besides them, Prayagraj (12), Lucknow (24), Aligarh (55), Saharanpur (68), Jhansi (83), Bareilly (89) and Moradabad (97) were placed in Smart City Rankings in 2020.

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