Kanpur Central redevelopment project: New state-of-the-art railway station to come up by 2025

Kanpur Central redevelopment project: New state-of-the-art railway station to come up by 2025

New Kanpur Central to house dedicated parking space, food plaza, 3-start hotel & more

An icon of the Kanpur city skyline, the Kanpur Central station is set to see a major facelift. In a recent proposal clearance, a ₹710 crore project has been approved for the redevelopment of the Kanpur railway station on the lines of Delhi Airport. Reportedly, a three-year deadline till July 2025 has been delegated to complete this state-of-the-art, modern terminus in Kanpur.

What will the new Kanpur Central look like?

The proposal for the redevelopment of Kanpur Central has been passed in accordance with an expected increase in passenger load by the year 2050. The tender issued thus makes arrangements according to the futuristic demands. According to the circulated blueprints, the Kanpur Central railway station will house a total of 13 platforms, 3 more than the current number. This will help in accommodating more trains simultaneously, ensuring a faster and more efficient commute system.

In addition to this, the new Kanpur Central will also sport two gates, designated for entry and exit. For security purposes, these will be the only points to get in or out of the station added reports. The two-gate system will further synchronise the movement of pick-up and drop facilities at the railway station; vehicles coming from Clock Tower can directly drop passengers at the entry point and then exit from the front gate at Harrisganj bridge.

The ticket junction

Presently, the Kanpur Central has two ticket booths, a Reservation Counter in a separate City Side building and another general ticket counter. The system, though aimed at preventing long queues at one point, causes immense confusion among passengers who do not know where to go and often miss their trains because of the same.

The new design envisions, housing a reservation and general ticket counters in the same building on the station premises. However, the number of such counters is not specified yet.

New parking spaces, food plazas & more in pipeline

The new Kanpur Central will have a reserved parking amenity on both sides of the terminus. A new three-star hotel has also been proposed, complete with mall-like shops and luxury retirement and waiting rooms for the commuters. As per the reports, this three-start facility will also house an underground parking space, which will also be made accessible for people visiting nearby areas.

Notably, the cost of all these services will be decided by the Railways, in the best interest of the passengers. Additionally, a plan to set up a food plaza near the hotel facility is also under consideration. This structure will be developed as a self-service catering counter, with a seating facility in a courtyard-like space, similar to food courts at airports and malls.

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