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Dengue and viral fever cases on a rise in Kanpur

103 dengue cases have been detected in Kanpur's district, as yet.

Amid the rampant dengue spread across Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur reported as many as 9 new cases on Tuesday, pushing the district's total tally to about 103 infections. As informed by the Kanpur Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ashok Shukla, the rural regions are contributing the most to this caseload, with 80 cases, as yet. Reportedly, malaria and typhoid are also on the rise here, adding to the administration's health concerns.

A total of around 1231 tests administered in Kanpur on Tuesday

According to the Health Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Jai Pratap Singh, there might be a surge in vector-borne diseases, and safety measures should be implemented soon. In the Kanpur district alone, over a hundred cases are mounting the caseload, including those who also need immediate medical attention.

Furthermore, it was revealed through reports that 206 and 1025 tests were examined for dengue and malaria, respectively on September 14. There has been a surge in patients, suffering from fever, who are getting admitted to the hospitals in Kanpur for better treatment.

An increase in the number of dengue cases among children

The Chief Superintendent of a government hospital in Kanpur, Dr. Anil Nigam mentioned that around 75-100 cases of high fever are emerging at the OPD on a daily basis. Of these, around 5-10 patients need hospitalisation, he added. "We have two patients who tested for dengue in the rapid test but were negative for the disease in the ELISA test. Even though there are 10 unoccupied beds in the dengue ward and 30 unoccupied beds in the isolation ward as of now, more beds can be arranged if need be", Dr Nigam assured.

It has also been analysed that some of the patients who visited the hospitals for treatment, were diagnosed with typhoid and malaria over the past few weeks. Further, dengue is purportedly rising among children which is a cause of concern for the health department. While, there have been patients with a low platelet count, no cases for low-level oxygen or bleeding have been reported as yet.

Difference between Dengue & Malaria

While dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that spreads in the rainy season, malaria is caused by parasites or infected mosquitos. Children are most vulnerable to these diseases since there are involved in outdoor games and activities. As such, parents are advised to take care of their wards post an outdoor activity, by disinfecting surroundings and using antiseptic spirits to wash off any contamination.

-With inputs from ANI.

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