Kanpur to get a new elevated road between Civil Lines & Ghantaghar Chauraha

Kanpur to get a new elevated road between Civil Lines & Ghantaghar Chauraha

The elevated road will pass through Parade Chauraha, Moolganj, Loha Mandi, Nai Sadak, Halsi Road, Kuli Bazaar & other areas.

In an attempt to improve the traffic situation in Kanpur, the city authorities have come up with a new initiative. As a part of this project, an elevated road will be constructed on a stretch running between UP Stock Exchange in Civil Lines and the Ghantaghar Chauraha. Reportedly, a high-level development committee will prepare the framework for this elevated road, which will be a four-lane stretch supported by the road pillars.

A move to revamp road infrastructure in the city

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As per reports, the members of the high-level committee will conduct a regional inspection and prepare a feasibility report for the slated project. Once this report is drafted, the committee will select the department, that would be fit for taking up the construction of the upcoming facility. It is expected that the elevated road will revamp the transport infrastructure in the city, completely.

Notably, the existing roads cannot be widened in the city due to multiple reasons. Thereby, the officials have come up with the elevated road scheme to deliver a solution for the current problems. Reportedly, the project is now being looked after by a high-level committee, which consists of DCP Traffic, District Commissioner, Chief Engineer PWD and other officials.

Commuters along Latush Road, Civil Lines & other areas to be benefitted

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Reportedly, a large number of businessmen from other cities come to the markets around Latush Road, Kuli Bazaar, Loha Mandi, Collectorganj, Moolganj and other areas. Due to this, these regions encounter a humongous traffic load and it leads to regular jams. As a direct consequence of this, commuters travelling from Civil Lines, Latush Road and other areas have to Central Station have to undertake longer journeys.

Besides, individuals commuting from Civil Lines, Nawabganj, VIP Road, Parmat and other areas to the southern part of the city, are also faced with problems. They have to take the route passing through Rawatpur, Vijaynagar, Mall Road and Ghantaghar Chauraha. In view of these issues, the authorities have planned to establish the elevated road that will connect Parade Chauraha, Moolganj, Loha Mandi, Nai Sadak, Halsi Road, Kuli Bazaar and Collectorganj Police station.

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