Kanpur follows rising case-trends of Lucknow; Reports highest CPR with second-highest infection tallies in UP

Kanpur ranks 3rd among the top 10 districts in UP in terms of testing facilities

Kanpur district seems to be following the state capital in terms of infection transmission and identification, reporting a high number of fresh cases every day. The city has emerged with the second-highest tallies of total- 21,141 and active-4,652 cases in the state. Besides these statistics, Kanpur is also ranked at the 3rd position among the list of top 10 districts that are conducting the maximum number of tests in Uttar Pradesh, yielding the maximum case positivity rate of 9% in the state.

Kanpur's COVID case rise

Following the footsteps of Lucknow, the city of Kanpur is furnishing daily high tallies of the coronavirus infection at an alarming rate of around 9% positivity for around 2.4 lac tests conducted so far in the district. It has recorded as many as 21,141 cases and the curve is still climbing up a steep slope. With 15,939 recoveries in the city, around 4,652 remain active that represents the efficiency of the medical staff. However, Kanpur has also reported 550 virus fatalities.

Though the high case positivity rate exceeds the optimum percentage of 3% to 5% as prescribed by the World Health Organisation, the amplified testing capacities show no inadequacies and the system is working relentlessly. Gautam Buddha Nagar and Lucknow supersede Kanpur with respect to the number of tests conducted.

Knock Knock

Kanpur's rapid case rise has been the cause of concern among the district and state administration authorities, who fear the city will transform into a virus hotspot like Capital Lucknow if the chain of transmission is not broken. All readers are requested to practice social distancing and other safety precautions and protocols as laid down by the state to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus in Kanpur.

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Prof. at IIT Kanpur wins the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award for research on the subject of Cancer

The date of award felicitation has not been shared yet.

Dr. Bushra Ateeq, Associate Professor of the "Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering Department" of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is acquitted with the credit of doing an exceptional and detailed study on the subject of cancer. Her golden contribution has been duly acknowledged with the inclusion of her name in the list of winners of the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award for Science and Technology 2020 in the Medical Science field.
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39 Metro Trains to run between 30 stations in Kanpur; trials to be held by 31 July 2021

The track ranging from from IIT Kanpur to Moti Jheel, has been identified as the 'priority corridor'.

Setting up of an expansive metro system in the city of Kanpur is currently under progress and although the pandemic has impacted us to a major extent, the developmental activities seem to be continuing, regardless. According to reports, by the year 2024, Kanpur will be home to an overall count of 39 metro trains. These trains will run between 30 stations located on two routes in the city and if the pursuit continues to be seamless, the trials will be held by the 31st of July, 2021.

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IIT-Kanpur's E-Spin nanotech startup has introduced designer masks to battle COVID-19

These designer masks are reusable and they not only protect a person from COVID-19 but also from external pollution and respiratory odour.

Masks have become an indispensable part of the ongoing pandemic and it is a life-saving equipment, keeping in view the nature of the virus. So in a bid to save the citizens from contracting the disease, the folks at IIT-Kanpur have come up with unique fashionable designer masks. These indigenous masks are said to be effective in countering the COVID-19 infection.

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IIT Kanpur to support startups and small businesses affected by the pandemic

IIT Kanpur's Technopark to allow start-ups and MSMEs to use its R&D Infrastructure for support and expertise

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns saw the premature death of various small and medium businesses, especially in micro to medium scale category due to a choked economy and a negative overall demand. This is where the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur has emerged as a support system for the MSME sector by creating a business resource platform called the Technopark@iitk. This digital platform helps young and small businesses to avail the world-class, certified services of the Institute's Research and Development.

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Kanpur Metro Project gains momentum even during the raging  pandemic

Kanpur Metro Project kickstarted the construction of Kalyanpur Metro Station concourse on Tuesday

The Kanpur Metro Project sails at a smooth pace even as the district deals with the impact and repercussions of the global pandemic. Apart from completing the concourse construction of the IIT Kanpur Station, The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation has managed to erect about 42 'U' girdles along the 9 km Priority Corridor via duct in just one month's time! On Tuesday, the UPMRCL commenced the construction of Kalyanpur Station concourse by erecting a pre-casted double 'T'-girder of the metro corridor under the Kanpur Metro project. This is the second station, after IIT Kanpur station to use a precast structure to boost civil developmental project, making Kanpur Metro the first metro project in India to use this novel architectural technology.

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