Construction of Kanpur's much-needed Jaipuria Crossing overbridge to begin next week

Construction of Kanpur's much-needed Jaipuria Crossing overbridge to begin next week

The Jaipuria Railway crossing is deemed to be one of Kanpur's busiest railway crossing

The construction of the new overbridge on the Jaipuria Railway Crossing route in Kanpur, has brought in great respite for the city folks, especially the daily commuters. The work on this of the proposed infrastructure project is expected to commence next week onwards, paving the road for easier commute in the city. Once complete, this ₹59.95 crore overbridge will help streamline vehicular and railway movement, in synergy, towards the goals of better traffic management systems in Kanpur.

New overbridge to benefit over 8 lakh commuters

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The construction work of the overbridge project is presently in the preparatory stage with the task of folding iron rods going on speedily. The structures will purportedly be used in casting pillars of the overbridge and moulding the basic structure. Alongside, officers of the parent agency, Setu Corporation, are engaged in the talks with the DCP Traffic in Kanpur to chalk out a road diversion plan during the construction regime. As per reports, the principal digging and pillar construction work will take off as soon as the diversion system is finalised.

The project has been in the planning phase for about three years now. The proposal was first tabled before the onset of the pandemic to relay traffic solutions for city dwellers. However, the project was delayed time and again due to approval issues and unfeasible conditions. The new timeline, slating work from next week, under the authority of the Bridge Corporation thus promises relief for over 8 lakh commuters.

The Corporation has been granted the first parcel of ₹12.59 lakhs to commence the construction work. A new team of engineers and labourers have been hired as well to complete the rod folding work.

Railway upgrade work to start soon

The Jaipuria Crossing is perched on the Kanpur-Lucknow rail route, and witnesses the passage of more than 100 trains daily. This often leads to road congestion and heavy traffic snarls in the area, hampering swift commute. As per reports, the railway committee will also launch upgrade work soon after the Bridge corporation operations.

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