Kanpur Metro covers 3,900 metres in its maiden trial run!

Kanpur Metro covers 3,900 metres in its maiden trial run!

The three-coach train covered a distance of 3,900 meters by completing three laps of the 650-meters-long test track.

The Kanpur Metro conducted its first trial run along the depot test track on Monday, ahead of the RDSO trials slated next month. Reportedly, the brand new three-coach train of the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation fleet covered a total of 3,900 meters by completing three laps of the 650-meters-long test track. As per the project timeline, the Kanpur metro division is expected to commission public services by the end of this year or early January, next year.

Metro to carry 974 commuters on 9-Km long priority corridor

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With metro workers present to witness the first trial run of the three-coach metro, the testing of the train concluded on a positive note. While the train started chugging down the track at the pace of 10-15 kilometre/hour, it touched the speed of 30 kilometres/hour eventually.

Notably, the metro rakes have the capacity to shuttle up to 974 passengers along the 9-km-long Priority Corridor. This elevated main track will through a total of 9 stations, including IIT Kanpur, Kalyanpur, SPM Hospital, Kanpur University, Gurudev Chauraha, Geeta Nagar, Rawatpur, LLR Hospital and Motijheel.

Kanpur Metro to start commercial services soon!

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As per the metro officials, it was really heartening to watch this vision turn into a reality as their hard work took its final shape. Going by the claims of the Managing Director of UMPRC, this ambitious work will be concluded with perfection in the coming months. As per reports, Kanpur Metro is expected to start its commercial services from December 2021 or January 2022.

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