Kanpur Metro Update: Work on fast track mode, will soon be a reality

Kanpur Metro Update: Work on fast track mode, will soon be a reality

Work on Kanpur Metro catches speed with the casting of its first U-girded

The Kanpur metro project has been one of the most awaited development projects happening in the city. The metro will not only bring more transportation options to the city but will increase its chances of overall growth and development.

The work for Kanpur's metro project which began late last year, has picked up pace. Though we had expected the metro to take a few months before even materialising on the city scape, it seems that Kanpur metro is set to break Lucknow's record of being fastest built metro rail system.

What's the update?

The much awaited metro network of Kanpur is on a fast track towards development. The construction of the rail network which is being spearheaded by Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, was started in November last year; its not even the end of January and the casting of U-girder have already begun!

A depot station and three piers have already been constructed for the rail project and the U-girder is the newest of the constructions. Speaking to an online publication Kumar Keshav (Metro Man), affirmed that the construction work for Kanpur Metro is taking place faster than that of Lucknow Metro.

What are U-girders?

U-girders are u-shaped platforms built atop the piers (pillars) of the viaduct on which rail tracks are laid. These are pre-made/pre-casted in casting yards and then placed upon the piers, the first of these are already being built for the city's metro rail network.

According to Urban Transport News, a total of 600 U-girders will be cast for the Priority Corridor of Kanpur Metro.

Knock Knock

The speed with which Kanpur Metro's work has been progressing is pretty exciting and we're sure the residents of Kanpur too are pretty pumped about it too. If the speed keeps up, you'll soon be able to see the metro structures up and running in the city.

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