Kanpur Metro work to begin soon, fund allocation underway

Kanpur Metro work to begin soon, fund allocation underway

Kanpur Metro to become a reality soon!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

The much awaited Kanpur Metro will soon become a reality. Earlier we had reported that the Kanpur Metro is on a fast-track and work on the metro project is expected to begin by the end of October. According to new updates, fund allocations for the project have begun and Kanpur will soon be on a the road to development!

Kanpur Metro dream has been under wraps for quite some time now, the metro is expected to bring significant development to the city and major relief to the commuters.

What's the update?

Last month Kanpur Metro received all major NOCs from necessary departments and according to a recent report by TOI, fund allocation for the project has also begun.

According to new updates, the Kanpur district authority will also be shelling out a few bucks from their purse to fund the profitable project. The metro project costs around ₹17,000 crores, of which, the district authorities will fund ₹350 crores.

The report also went on to mention that the transfer of land to Kanpur Development Authority has already begun.

Delhi Metro
Delhi Metro

What does it mean?

The allocation of funds and the transfer of land directly indicates that the ground work is set to begin very soon. This also means that the people will observe a number of changes on the roads and in the city.

A well spread metro network for the city also signifies the beginning of years of development and a definite face-lift for Kanpur. The metro would bring with it, tourist, investment opportunities and a better mode of travel for the people of Kanpur.

Knock Knock

Kanpur Metro is a project that we've been anticipating for long, hence we're super excited for it to become a reality. A functional metro in Kanpur would also mean that the common people will get relief from the roads in the city which are infamous for their potholes, dilapidated condition and the traffic jams.