Kanpur Metro’s foundation stone to be laid on November 15

Kanpur Metro’s foundation stone to be laid on November 15

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Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

After a long and rather painful wait, Kanpur Metro's foundation stone will finally be laid down on November 15. This is something that Kanpurites have been waiting for a long time and it will surely mark a new era of public transport in the city.

The dream of having a fully functional metro network in Kanpur will soon become a reality in the coming few years. Read on to know all about the upcoming Kanpur metro, it's route, length and other important details!

What's the update?

Image for representative purposes only
Image for representative purposes only

Now that a date for the laying of the foundation stone for Kanpur Metro has been decided, the authorities can finally get on with the construction of the metro network.

The ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone will be held at IIT Kanpur, which is a very prestigious venue in itself. Kanpur's metro is being built under the wing of UPMRC (Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation).

As of now, most of the efforts are focused on conducting the ceremony seamlessly, before going ahead any further.

All you need to know about Kanpur Metro

Kanpur Metro’s foundation stone to be laid on November 15

As of now, there are plans to build two entire corridors to start things off. The first corridor of the metro will connect IIT to Moti Jheel via Naubasta to Phulbagh, with a total length of 26-kilometres. For students and the working class professionals, the metro will be a huge benefit.

The construction for this will be done in various phases, the first of which will focus on making the IIT to Moti Jheel route functional.

The second corridor is the route from CSA to Barra-8. These are often high traffic areas in the city that will surely benefit from a metro station nearby.

The other proposed corridor will cover a distance of 10 kilometres and connect CSA University to Jarauli. Kanpur metro certainly comes as a boon for the residents of the city as it will connect a number of major areas of the city and reduce travel times.

The metro could also help in reducing the vehicular traffic on main city roads thereby lowering the city’s pollution levels.

Knock Knock

Since the foundation stone is finally being laid on November 15, 2019 we can expect work to start very soon.

It must also be kept in mind that major parts of the city will be dug up because of this project but it is all for the greater good, which something that we can totally get behind.