'Dial 112' service by Kanpur Police to now curtail black marketing of medical necessities

'Dial 112' service by Kanpur Police to now curtail black marketing of medical necessities

Posters are being put up at hospitals, medical stores, crematoriums & other places to spread awareness.

Advantaged by the exploding COVID crisis in Uttar Pradesh, unregulated trade and black markets for healthcare facilities, medicines and equipment have quickly surged in the past few weeks. In an attempt to tighten its grip over black marketing agents and commission takers, Kanpur Police has asked all citizens to dial 112 and report directly to the officials if they are being tricked with a price higher than the MRP.

Posters at hospitals, medical stores & other places to spread awareness!

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With an aim to create awareness about its latest measure, the concerned department has started putting up posters at hospitals, medical stores, cremation centres and other public places. The graphic released by law enforcement authorities, asks all citizens to complain at 112 if they are charged more than the marked retail price(MRP) for medical necessities. Additionally, it also states that the Kanpur Police Commissionerate is together with the citizens in the times of this pandemic.

Due to increasing infection rates, the availability of medical resources is contracting every day. Taking benefit from the widening gap between demand and supplies, commission agents are fooling the naive and gullible citizens with hefty amounts. Due to this, people are forced to pay enormous prices for Remdesivir injections, oxygen cylinders and its refilling. Making a note of the troubled market situation, the police department took quick cognisance and started propagating the Dial 112 scheme for the same.

Instant action by police officials after complaints are received

Reportedly, Kanpur Police Commissioner asserted that this scheme was executed after the Chief Minister asked to keep a check on the increasing black markets, amid the perturbing circumstances of the pandemic. It has been stated that once the complaints are received, police officials will instantly reach the complainant and nab the accused. Through this measure, the police department envisions protecting the commoners from frauds and cheaters in the healthcare market.

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