Kanpur Police creates an 'oxygen bank' to help COVID-stricken individuals in the city!

Kanpur Police creates an 'oxygen bank' to help COVID-stricken individuals in the city!

The law enforcement officials have appealed to the city folks to donate their vacant oxygen cylinders.

As COVID-affected residents in Kanpur struggle to seek uninterrupted oxygen supplies, the city's police department has come to their rescue by setting up an oxygen bank. Through this initiative, Kanpur Police attempts to fulfil the oxygen requirements of the infected patients in the city. In order to materialise the objective, the law enforcement officials have appealed to the city folks to donate their vacant cylinders which can be put to use for the needy.

A step ahead to resolve the LMO crisis in Kanpur

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With the help of the oxygen bank established at Police Lines, the needs of the deprived individuals will be taken care of. Apart from the empty containers, Kanpur Police has also requested people to donate other oxygen equipment for the benefit of the COVID-hit citizens. As per reports, a total of 130 cylinders have been procured till now, 85 of which have already been given to the beneficiaries. The officials are on their feet to get the vacant cylinders refilled and make them available for the patients in the city.

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Further, the authorities have also made it clear that a receipt will be provided to all individuals who donate their cylinders. Once they are no longer needed to meeting the oxygen demands in the city, the vessels shall be returned to their owners.

112 fatalities in the past 2 days call for amplified medical interventions!

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The highest count of 66 deaths was recorded in Kanpur on Tuesday while the tally stood at 46 for Wednesday. Though the daily case count shows a marginal dip and recoveries have been consistently high, the alarming count of new infections still requires precautious guard against the virus. As of now, a cumulative count of 75,961 people have been affected by COVID in Kanpur and the city is dealing with 12,498 active patients.

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