Kanpur wakes up to thundershowers and severe cold!

Kanpur wakes up to thundershowers and severe cold!

Hailstorm is also expected to be seen in some parts of Uttar Pradesh

After the Indian Meteorological department issued an alert for the state of Uttar Pradesh on 2nd February, severe cold wave and dense fog are wreaking havoc across the state. Uttar Pradesh is gearing up for a rainy week, wherein most parts of the state would witness rain and thundershowers of varying intensity. Hailstorm is also expected to be seen in some parts of the state.

Kanpur experiences bone chilling cold, icy winds, thundershowers!

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As per a bulletin by IMD, Uttar Pradesh is in for a rough week with dense fog, mist, hail storms, thundershowers, and sever cold gripping the state in the coming days. Owing to the western disturbance induced rainfall, the temperature around the state is expected to dip significantly. According to IMD’s 5-day precipitation forecast, a gradual rise by 4-6°C in minimum temperature is likely till February 3.

Kanpur residents are experiencing harsh weather conditions for past several days but in past 24 hours, the city has recorded dense fog with maximum and min temperatures dropping to as low as 19.2°C and 8.6°C respectively. In the week ahead, Kanpur is expected to have a generally cloudy sky with one or two spells of rain and thundershowers on 4th February while for the rest of the days, the city is expected to be blanketed in dense fog and mist.

The maximum temperature throughout the week will hover around 18-26°C, whereas the mean temperature will mostly be around 9 Celsius, while occasionally hitting 8-11°C. February 6 is expected to be the coldest day of the week, with maximum temperatures dipping to 18°C and minimum temperature going down to as low as 8°C

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