Kanpur's Gandhi Bhawan to be developed as a site for light & sound show under the Smart City Mission

Kanpur's Gandhi Bhawan to be developed as a site for light & sound show under the Smart City Mission

Soon you can enjoy light & sound shows at Gandhi Bhawan in Phoolbagh!

Soon, the residents of Kanpur will be able to enjoy a spectacular light and sound show just like the ones at Burj Khalifa and Gateway of India in their own city! The show will take place at the famous Gandhi Bhawan in the Phulbagh area, which is currently undergoing renovation. Being carried out under the Smart City Mission, the work to add a new attraction in Kanpur is expected to complete in the next 3 months. Read on to know more about this initiative that is aimed to boost tourism and the development of local areas in the city.

Listen to revolutionary tales of the city

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Upon completion of this project, people will be able to listen to revolutionary tales of the city through a light and sound show. Famous historic and cultural stories from the city like Dhruva Tila, Brahmavarta Ghat and others will be narrated through a unique combination of light and sounds here. According to officials, these shows will be scheduled on special occasions and festivals. Different light and sound shows will be organised at different timings in this museum.

The project is being developed at a cost of ₹6.5 crores and is aimed at giving night tourism a boost. Once ready, the Gandhi Bhawan will act as a new attraction in the city for locals and tourists alike. The light and sound show will also attract the children, hence making it a must-visit for all!

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