Under Kanpur Smart City Mission, 42 locations to have facility for pre-booking car parking slots

Under Kanpur Smart City Mission, 42 locations to have facility for pre-booking car parking slots

Say goodbye to traffic-troubles at shopping centres! Book your parking slot online

Dear Kanpurites, if your retail therapy is also eclipsed by the stress of finding a safe parking spot for your vehicle, then we have good news for you. Under the Smart City Mission, the city of Kanpur has decided to provide online booking of parking stations to the city dwellers. As per the plans of this development programme, about 42 locations in the city will be roped in the pre-booking mission, where the parking token too will be paid via online, cashless means. Kanpur's development authorities are inspecting all parking lots in the city to implement this plan smoothly in the financial year of 2021-2022.

Book your car parking, sitting at home

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Kanpur Smart City Mission is preparing to provide the city with a digital upgrade, where people will be able to book a parking slot for their vehicles, sitting in the comforts of their home. To further this, a Smart City app is also being created to enable this service to the people.

Users simply need to upload this application on their mobile phone and book a vacant parking space for their vehicle. This will ease the process of parking, once they reach the location. As per information, sensors are being installed in parking lots to systematise this agenda. Smart City Mission Nodal Officer and IT manager have started the survey of smart parking, inspecting locations which can be upgraded under the programme. All shortcomings and other irregularities will be eliminated to ensure smooth operations of this new model in the new financial year.

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