Kanpur's innovative symbol of sustainability: Scrap tyre sculptures at Motijheel Park

Kanpur's innovative symbol of sustainability: Scrap tyre sculptures at Motijheel Park

Going green with style!

Turning waste into wonderful sculptures has long been an intriguing trend in the world of craft and recycling. But it has been gaining even more popularity now, given the urgent global need to address the concern of the deteriorating health of our planet.

The city of Kanpur rose to the occasion and sent across the sustainability message with this unique segment within the city's much-loved Motijheel Park. Here, you will find animals, seating, and other sorts of sculptures, all made from scrap tyres.

Swings, elephants, crocodiles and more!

It is noteworthy that when unusable tyres are burnt, it causes emissions that are extremely harmful for the air quality. So, the Kanpur Municipal Corporation, in collaboration with IIT Kanpur, decided to collect lots of discarded tyres and use them to create these amazing sculptures out of them.

This unique segment of Motijheel Park features sculptures of an elephant, chimpanzee, crocodile, swings, and seating as well, all of which is made from scrap tyres. Messages such as 'Don't burn tyres' and 'Let's go green' have also been put up next to these innovative sculptures.

Knock Knock

Apart from being a symbol of sustainability, this segment of the Motijheel Park in Kanpur attracts locals and tourists alike, also working as an attractive spot for selfies, as well. By mixing public interest with the larger interest of the planet, this place in Kanpur beckons us all to innovate and use our creative energies for the greater good.

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