Kanpur's OFC & Field-gun Factory to manufacture parts for advanced Arjun Tank

Alternatively named as 'Hunter Killer', the tank is being produced by using 100% indigenous technology.

One of the 41 centres established under the aegis of Ordnance Factory Board, Ordnance Factory(OFC) Kanpur has been a supplier of arms and ammunition equipments to the Indian Army for over 7 decades. Now, as per the latest plans, this production centre along with the field-gun factory in Kanpur has been given the charge of manufacturing barrel and breach mechanism components for Arjun Tank Mark 1A. Alternatively named as 'Hunter Killer', the tank is being produced by using 100% indigenous technology.

Advanced Arjun Tank comes with 71 new features


According to reports, a total of 114 Arjun tanks have been ordered for development in the next 3 years. It is said that the two components occupy a significant position in determining the strength of the military vehicle. With the addition of 71 new features as compared to the old tank and an improved target range of 5 Km, the latest tank is being touted as a 'world-class' development. It is to be noted that the design and framework of this advanced tank have been prepared by the Defence Research & Development Organisation.

Greater firing strength, precise target detection & much more!


As per the reports, the Indian Army currently has 124 old Arjun Tanks that have been deployed for usage on the India-Pakistan border in Jaisalmer. Evaluating the improvement areas of the old tanks, the army had recommended a list of 71 features that have been Incorporated in the DRDO's revamped version of the Arjun Tank. The new tank comes with greater firing strength, precise target detection, transmission system amongst other provisions. Additionally, the tank can now spot the target on its own.

With a crew consisting of commander, gunner, loader and driver, the tank would traverse its paths clearing all obstacles on the battlefield. Also, the tank contains the special facility to detect any chemical attack and an alarm that would warn of an impending nuclear bomb attack.

It is noteworthy here than the defence manufacturing in Kanpur is all set to witness huge investments from the public and private sector companies in the near future. While notable government companies like HAL and Bharat Dynamics Limited are looking for lands for their proposed projects, 5 private companies have aslo planned to install defence production units in Kanpur.

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