Dive into Kanpur's rich history at the 'City Sangrahalaya'

Dive into Kanpur's rich history at the 'City Sangrahalaya'

Keen on exploring the best of Kanpur's past? Head right away to the 'Kanpur Sangrahalaya'.

Famous as the 'Manchester of India', the city of Kanpur embraces the legacy of a vibrant past and if you want to find out all about it, Kanpur Museum is the place to be at. Situated on the Pool Bagh ground, the museum takes you on a journey through Kanpur's history, ranging from the early colonial times to the late 20th century. The museum was initially known as 'King Edward Memorial Hall' and was later renamed as 'Gandhi Bhawan' in 1999. A walk through the museum brings to display all that this giant building has been a witness to.

A treasury of antiquity

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The highlight of the Kanpur museum is the archaic preserves of the Indian Freedom Movement. From the revolution of 1857 to the last days of the Indian independence struggle, the museum presents to its viewers a breathing picture of the entire timeline. Starting from the books and poetry of the freedom fighters to the apparel that they adorned, the museum displays many scintillating artefacts.

What entices the visitors the most, are the exhibits of the artillery used in the wars extending from guns and pistols to huge cannons. In addition to this, the museum also expounds information about the flourishing trade and commerce during the colonial times.

An architectural marvel-

Constructed initially as a European style ballroom, the building encapsulates huge halls with beautifully ornamented walls and ornate embellished ceilings. Post its transformation into an official museum, it's architecture has undergone significant changes. The attempts at conservation and restoration have further enhanced its exceptional structure.

The museum is easy to reach from both, the Kanpur railway station and the bus stop. Be it an outing with a bunch of curious kids, a family picnic or a trip for the explorer in you, this museum offers a lot to take in. If you are history buff roaming on the streets of Kanpur, this museum definitely deserves your attention.

Timings- 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM,

Note- The museum remains closed on Mondays.

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