KMC to allot unique code to each district property in order to increase tax collection in Kanpur

KMC to allot unique code to each district property in order to increase tax collection in Kanpur

Kanpur Municipal Corporation has hired a Lucknow-based firm to survey all properties & assign the unique code.

In an attempt to increase revenue through tax collection, Kanpur's civic body has decided to assign a unique code to each property across the state, detailing through the identity of the estate. The code will bring all properties in the city- residential, commercial and mix, into the ambit of the tax net, helping the KMC to replenish their revenue bank.

Kanpur establishes Unique Codes to collect property tax!

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The Kanpur Municipal Corporation has decided to create a methodical module to process the property tax collection in the city, with seriousness, preventing and checking the manipulation of tax in the district. There are various residential properties in the city, which are being used for commercial activities, paying just the domestic tax. The establishment of the unique-code system will raze such tax frauds. Besides this, several corporators have claimed that about 70,000 houses in Kanpur are out of the ambit of tax evasion and enveloping them under the tax net, will boost the income of the civic cell.

The unique code is supposed to be a 17 figure identity, containing 16 digits and a letter. As per information, the first two digits of this code will denote the state, the next three, will carry the code of the civic body. The sixth and seventh figures will represent zones, while wards will be denoted by the figures eighth, ninth and tenth. The following 6 numbers, until figure 16, will be the unique property code. The last would be a letter, R, N and M signifying the type of the property; R for residential, N for non-residential and M for mixed - residential or non-residential.

Lucknow based firm to take up the task

The Kanpur civic body has hired a firm based in Lucknow to survey all properties in the city, collecting relevant information to assign them the unique code. So far, this agency has successfully conducted the survey in 5 out of the 110 wards in Kanpur. The municipal corporation officials have further informed that this system of tax evasion may soon be adopted in the entire state.

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