KnockOFF the best deals in Kanpur & be a part of THIS exclusive privilege!

KnockOFF the best deals in Kanpur & be a part of THIS exclusive privilege!

Discover-Deals-Discounts can now be yours with the KnockOFF app!

The fast-growing landscape of Kanpur city is culturing new businesses and communities every day and while exploring them is fun, it may require a little more than just effort and a whole lot of time. But what if we tell you, that we can induct you into this dynamic ecosystem, rather smoothly. Ladies, gentlemen, and dear Kanpurites! We present to you KnockOFF, a world of exclusive privileges that takes you beyond the known in the city. So get set ready to discover your own town with this new lens and find literally EVERYTHING you need, on a single platform!

Scroll through Kanpur, only on KnockOFF!

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If we put it simply, KnockOFF is a synonym for convenience in Kanpur. The app allows you to scroll through every store, shop and restaurant in Kanpur to help you discover new places or reroute to your classic favs! All businesses, be it new or old, big or small, popular or underrated, are categorically listed here for easy navigation.

And yes, it goes beyond food and shopping! *drumrolls* KnockOff umbrellas through a plethora of select categories, including healthcare, gyms, petcare, salons, real estate, automobiles, grocery, fashion, interiors design and much, MUCH more! So, the next time you find yourself looking for the best car repair shop or the nearest confectionary store, simply KnockOFF.

Did somebody say discounts?

Wait, are you wondering why can't you just look it up on the internet? Well, here's the answer! KnockOFF is not your regular discovery app that lists solutions for needs, it is a golden card that entitles you to avail of the best deals, offers and discounts in the city. No matter what your need is, KnockOFF pulls through each time to enhance your shopping experience, like never before.

But this is not where we put a full stop! With notable associations with ritzy brands across Kanpur, KnockOFF is your best chance to indulge in retail therapy, without burning a hole in your pocket! From steal deals to flat offs, it's always raining discounts, when you've get KnockOFF and that's something you should tap on, right now!

Knock Knock

So if you're wondering what's the deal? Knock on the membership platform right now, to knock off your budget constraints for good! Redefining your lifestyle, this premium offer is available in three categories, namely Silver, Platinum and Select and you can choose one of your likings.

So, if you want to have more, save more and explore more - the KnockOFF app is your answer! Download it now!

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