Looking for cheap yet durable leather goods in Kanpur? Jajmau is where you need to be!

Looking for cheap yet durable leather goods in Kanpur? Jajmau is where you need to be!


We all know Kanpur as the hub of leather manufacturing in the country. The city has thousands of tanneries and factories that churn out amazing leather goods. So when in Kanpur, people tend to fall in the tourist traps and shell out a ton of money for fakes and low quality products that you could easily find anywhere in the country.

If you've been wondering as to where you can find great leather products that don't burn a hole in your pocket, Jajmau in Kanpur is where you need to be.

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Biggest leather market in Kanpur

Jajmau is the biggest leather market in Kanpur, where you can find all sorts of things you've been looking for. From wallets and belts to jackets and shoes, there's nothing you cannot find at this market.

Just make sure to beware of the cons who are looking to take advantage of anyone who knows a little less about true leather. Don't shy away from bargaining and always quote a significantly lower price than what the shopkeeper has quoted.

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Branded fakes and cheap deals

Since a lot of brands have their goods manufactured in Kanpur, you will find boxes of famous brand names such as Woodland, Wrangler and Levis in these markets.

Though it would be easy to find a copy of any product, most of these are low quality belts and wallets just put in the brand’s packaging. Do make sure to check the quality of product before you buy it or put a price on it.

Also, you can find amazing genuine leather jackets in the market at dirt-cheap prices; so do a little investigation, visit a few shops, haggle with a few people before you decide on any particular thing to buy. Spot the shop with the most locals and you can be sure that you're getting a good deal!

Knock Knock

Jajmau is the market where you can find everything you've been looking for. From copies of "branded" items to basic apparels that are much better than those branded ones, to unique finds and steals, you can find it all here.

Just make sure to not fall in the tourist traps and beware of cons. Other than that, everything here is pretty cool and you're sure to find great stuff.

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