New traffic management system to transform Ramadevi and Tatmil intersections in Kanpur

New traffic management system to transform Ramadevi and Tatmil intersections in Kanpur

Tatmil and Ramadevi intersections in Kanpur to be developed as model intersections fitted with cutting edge traffic management solutions.

In a bid to ensure safe and smooth traffic flow in Kanpur, Commissioner Raj Shekhar, has announced the transformation of two major intersections of the city as model intersections. This was a decision taken in the first meeting of Kanpur's steering committee.

As per reports, Tatmil and Ramadevi intersection in Kanpur will soon be developed as model intersections, equipped with Integrated Traffic Management System. ITMS enables e-challans, better traffic monitoring, and makes use of technology to streamline the movement of vehicles.

Bid adieu to traffic woes in Kanpur!

The move is aimed at solving rampant traffic snarls in the city, thereby also addressing the deteriorating air quality of the city and offering commuters a hassle-free journey. To achieve this goal, various authorities including PWD, Kanpur Municipal Corporation, Traffic police and others, have been tasked to jointly bring about the upliftment work.

As per reports, stray poles at Ramadevi and Tatmil intersections will be removed, signage boards as per national standards will be installed and sufficient police and home guard personnel will be deployed to keep a manual watch on traffic. Additionally, the condition of CCTV cameras in the city was also reviewed during the meeting. The outcome? Over 200 CCTV cameras will be serviced, while new ones will be installed.

A step towards robust traffic management system

Addressing more than one issue, Integrated Traffic Management System will be implemented in Kanpur. With the help of ITMS, e-challans will be generated directly in the name of vehicle owners. Moreover, 649 existing CCTV cameras in the city will be regularly maintained, ensuring a foolproof traffic management system.

Additionally, authorities have been ordered to take action against illegal encroachment, hoardings, and unnecessary signages near the intersections.

As per the reports, other major intersections, roads, and markets in Kanpur will soon undergo similar developments.

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