Jhadi Baba Bridge in Kanpur's cantonment area to be operational by November

Jhadi Baba Bridge in Kanpur's cantonment area to be operational by November

It was expected that the Jhadi Baba Bridge will be start welcoming vehicles by September but the pandemic has delayed the plans.

In view of the lags masking the construction of Kanpur's Jhadi Baba Bridge, Divisional Commissioner Dr. Raj Shekhar, has asked officials to speed up the process. Reportedly, he has instructed the concerned authorities to make sure that this bridge, located in the cantonment area, is operational by November. Additionally, it has been reported that plans have been initiated for widening the road that leads to Shuklaganj.

Service lane to be set up in the completed section of the bridge

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As per reports, the commissioner inspected the bridge on Wednesday along with the Chief Executive Officer of Cantonment Board. They were also accompanied by the SDM of Unnao district, Project Manager from Bridge Corporation and other officials were also present there. Reportedly, the top authority issued orders for setting up a service lane in the completed segment of the bridge, at the earliest.

After the old Ganga Bridge linking Kanpur to Shuklaganj was shut, the traffic on the cantonment side has increased drastically. Besides, the service lane lies in a depreciated state due to the delayed construction of the bridge and the monsoons have escalated the problems for the commuters. In view of this, it is important to fix the service lane as soon as possible so that the traffic situation in the region can be improved.

Traffic situation to be eased on routes leading to THESE spots in Kanpur-

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It was expected that the bridge will be open for vehicles by September but the pandemic has delayed the plans. After this bridge is commissioned, passengers will be facilitated with an easier route from the new Ganga Bridge in Unnao to Phool Bagh, Ghantaghar, Dalmandi, Mall Road, Bada Chauraha and a string of other locations.

Notably, it was figured recently that the road connecting Shuklaganj and the new bridge, is not even 4 metres wide and regular commuters suffer a lot, owing to it. Now, the authorities are looking into the matter along with curating measures to ensure the availability of land for new projects. As per reports, proposals have been requested for other areas too, in addition to the land provided by the Ministry of Defence.

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