UP to get 2 plastic processing parks to ensure increased recycling & reuse

UP to get 2 plastic processing parks to ensure increased recycling & reuse

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) area & Gorakhpur will get one plant each.

In a significant move towards sustainable development goals, the Uttar Pradesh government has prepared plans to establish two plastic processing plants in the state. While the first plant will be set up in Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) area, the other facility is proposed to come up in Gorakhpur. The current project has been formulated, in light of the inflating demands for plastic goods, being observed across the globe.

Park to spread over 100 acres of land in YEIDA

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As per the information given by a government representative, the upcoming centres shall be developed in alignment with the design of Medical Device Park, Toy Park, Textile Park, Leather Park and the Electronic Park. Under this project, the YEIDA facility will be set up over an expanse of 100 acres while the park in Gorakhpur will come up over a spread of 52 acres. Once the two centres are ready, a range of employment opportunities will be unlocked for thousands of individuals.

The Chief Executive Officer of YEIDA, Arun Veer Singh said: "The All India Plastic Industry Association had earlier submitted a proposal in this regard. The state government has already given its consent, in principle, for developing a plastic processing park in Sector 10 of YEIDA." He further added that over 20 investors have shown their interest in the park at the YEIDA park. They wish to invest in facilities related to medical and agricultural equipment, PVC pipes, packaging and plastic furniture.

UP awaits a boom in employment opportunities!

Now, the higher authorities have requested a detailed project report from the investors. Speaking about expected developments, Singh said, "Soon, many plastic industry giants will set up their plants in this park. This will provide employment opportunities to the local youths on a large scale." In addition to this, it has been stated that the park in Gorakhpur will also get around 100 units, expanding employment options in the region.

Multiple industrial parks being set up in YEIDA

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The Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET) is also planning to establish a lab for research related to plastics and their recycling. This centre shall be established over 5 acres of land.

Given a long list of proposed projects for setting up industrial parks in the YEIDA area near Jewar International Airport, it can be said that the economic progress expects an unprecedented boost in this region. Besides driving revenues, these developments will also augment the opportunities in the job market, remarkably. As per the present numbers, 1,942 investors are instituting their units in the YEIDA area at an expense of ₹17,272.74 crores. It is anticipated that this will ensure employment for 2,65,718 people.

- With inputs from IANS

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