Compact 'Q-400' aircraft to initiate flights from Kanpur to Mumbai amid falling air traffic

Compact 'Q-400' aircraft to initiate flights from Kanpur to Mumbai amid falling air traffic

Kanpur to Delhi flights will also witness a schedule change.

Amid the continually dipping air traffic at the Chakeri Airport in Kanpur, given the pandemic scare, the airlines have decided to replace large aircraft with smaller carriages for services to Mumbai. Reportedly, from July 1, the presently deployed 173 seater Boeing-737 vessels will be replaced by Q-400 planes. The new aircraft can accommodate up to 78 to 90 persons only.

Deploying smaller aircraft- compatible with declining passenger count

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The concerned airline authorities have decided to scale down their resources and chart smaller aircraft to initiate Mumbai flights from Kanpur's Chakeri Airport. This has been seen as a strategic move in view of the falling passenger count. Instead of running almost half-empty aircraft, smaller carriages will be slated, in equivalence to decreasing number of passengers from Kanpur airport.

The airport director has also informed that besides the vessel change, the timings of both the services will also be altered. He further informed that permission has been awarded to put the new schedule into effect from July 1, 2021. A similar change of smaller flights and varied timings, has been authorised for services from Chakeri to the national capital, Delhi.

What's the new schedule?

The first flight will depart at 9:30 AM from Kanpur's Chakeri Airport and reach Mumbai by 11:30 AM. On the other hand, the second service will take off from Kanpur at 12 noon and land in Mumbai by 2 PM.

Similarly, the first flight from Kanpur to Delhi will take off at 11:40 AM from Chakeri and arrive at the IGI around 12:50 PM. The other service will depart at 1:20 PM from Kanpur to reach Delhi at 2:30 PM.

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