Railway's renovation project to bring a World-class, Airport-like station in Kanpur

Railway's renovation project to bring a World-class, Airport-like station in Kanpur

Proposed project keeps the benefit of passengers as the focal point behind all interventions.

After the Indian Railways successfully completed the redevelopment of the Habibganj station in Bhopal, Kanpur is one of the two stations chosen for the next initiative. As per reports, the Central Railway station is all set for a revamp by the Railway Authority in line with the airport standards. On Friday, a group of officials from different agencies conducted a meeting and deliberated on various issues regarding the renovation project.

IRSDC, RLDA and other central agencies roped in for the project

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The plan for the redevelopment of the railway stations has been prepared by the Ministry of Railways in consultation with the Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC), Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) and other central agencies. With an aim to speed-up the process, IRSDC and RLDA have already started their work to check the technological feasibility and financial viability of the redevelopment project.

As per the current proposal, the exercise will be divided into different stages based on the feasibility reports. While discussing the various areas of renovation, a senior official pointed out that the benefit of the passengers must be the focal point behind all interventions. He added that it is important to consider unusual circumstances like heavy rains or dense fog while working out on the implementations.

Enhancing & upgrading passenger amenities a top priority

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The official further stated that the development works of the station must be envisioned upon the needs and requirements of the next 40 to 50 years. A representative from IRSDC delivered a PowerPoint presentation covering the various facets of the redevelopment project. He emphasised the fact that enhancing and upgrading passenger amenities must be the first priority of the innovative scheme.

India has got its first world-class, airport-like railway in Bhopal which would be inaugurated soon. With the current initiatives in line, the country's rail-travel system is bound to be changed soon.

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