Rain brings fog & chill to Kanpur; Colder days are coming

Rain brings fog & chill to Kanpur; Colder days are coming

What is your plan to beat the cold ?

North has been reeling under a retreating cold wave, which has dropped temperatures in most cities this side of the map. Much like the rest of the north, Kanpur too has been reeling under the cold, with average temperatures in single digits.

To make matters worse, rain and cold winds swept the city yesterday night enveloped it in a dense fog. IMD predicts a few more days of fog and cold for Kanpur and it seems the chill is here to stay.

What's the update?

Kanpur woke up to a blanket of fog on Saturday morning, with the minimum temperature at 8 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature is expected to remain at 16 degrees. According to a forecast released by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) the city is expected to see more of cold days and dense fog.

Sunday is expected to bring a drop in minimum temperature which is expected to be 9 degrees, a notch below Saturday, while the maximum temperature is expected to be 17 degrees, bringing in another bout of dense fog for Kanpur.

While Monday is expected to be pleasanter, with a minimum temperature of 10 degrees, maximum of 18 degrees and a moderate fog. The rise is expected to only be temporary, the temperature will dive once again to 9 degrees min. and 19 degrees max. on Tuesday. From Wednesday through Saturday the temperature is expected to settle at 8 degrees minimum and 20 degrees maximum.

Knock Knock

If you live in Kanpur and have been waiting for the temperature to increase, the fog to decrease and the weather to turn pleasant, it is not likely to happen anytime soon. The weather in the city is expected to remain as is, with maybe a slight increase in day time and a drop in night time temperature.

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