River Ganga to become cleaner with Kanpur's new waste management system

River Ganga to become cleaner with Kanpur's new waste management system


For a long time now, Kanpurites have been looking at the Ganges as something of a massive dumpster, rather than a holy, life giving water body. The waste from industries and the main town is usually directly dumped into the river, which has led to the severe pollution in the river. Now, to bring the Ganga back to its former glory, the government aims to curb this practice, so that the drainage pipes will not let out waste in the river.

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As of now, there are a total of 13 drains that directly let out waste in the Ganges. Once the move is actually put in place, the waste that was intended for these drains will be diverted to different treatment plants across the city, so as to utilize whatever they can from the waste.

According to reports, Kanpur generates at least 450 million tonnes of waste and most of it goes into the Ganges. Now that the drains will be diverted, it will ensure that the river is kept clean and is a huge step towards preserving nature.

This change will help in keeping the river and its tributaries clean, and it sure is a great way to start. The river is considered to be a holy waterbody that must be preserved. To actually make this possible, there are several programmes and schemes that are being put to place.

Most of these include creating new drainage lines that will run across the city and take waste from one part of the city to the treatment plants where it can be adequately processed. Apart from that, there are other plans to treat the waste in a manner that it can generate some form of energy that is usable for the common people.

This is something that we had been waiting for a while now. The Ganga river is in the worst state now, more than it has ever been and this is a major step in the right direction.

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