Roll's Eleven! Check out this star-studded lineup of the most delicious rolls in Kanpur

Roll's Eleven! Check out this star-studded lineup of the most delicious rolls in Kanpur

From Mutton Roll to Spicy Aloo Roll, there's something for everyone on this list

For every foodie-in-hurry, rolls are certainly the first preference. When you don’t have much time to sit and eat, just grab a roll and you are ready to go. So, foodies in Kanpur! We've compiled a list of these tempting food joints that offer the yummiest rolls in Kanpur.

Paneer Roll @ Rolls King

Located in the food hub of Kanpur, Swaroop Nagar. Rolls kings are certainly the king of all rolls in our city. Offering a wide range of Veg options, both in single and in combo. Do visit and check out these amazing varieties. But their Paneer Roll is an absolute must-visit!

Cost: Paneer Roll - ₹155

Double Chicken Roll @ Kathi Junction

The Best in taste, another gem from the food hub of Kanpur. Kathi Junction offers the most tempting Veg and Nonveg Rolls with a never-ending combination. They have everything you can ever think of as a roll.

Cost: ₹140

Egg Roll @ Izhan Egg and Chicken Roll

Probably the cheapest and the yummiest Egg Roll in town, don’t underestimate this place with its nominal pricing. It is surely one of the best street food stalls in Kanpur.

Cost: ₹40

Mia Khalifa Chaap Roll @ Veer Ji Malai Chaap

Hinting by its name Mia Khalifa Chaap Roll is a sizzling spicy roll option at Veer Ji Malai Chaap Corner. Apart from this special roll, the Tandoori Chaap Roll and Malai Chaap Roll at this eatery make it an absolute delight for vegetarians.

Cost: ₹200 (Half)

Falafel Veggie Roll @ Faasos  - Wrap, Roll & Shawarma

With crunchy, herbed Falafels and oven-roasted vegetables wrapped along with Mint Chutney and Mayo, one bite of this roll is enough to give you an instant Mediterranean Foodgasm. The menu here is extensive and diverse, ranging from rolls and wraps to shawarma.

Cost: ₹129

Makka Palak Roll @ Burger Hub

For all the fast food lovers who are addicted to rolls but worried about its bad effects on health, this Makka Palak roll in Kanpur gives the taste a much-needed healthy twist. So you can munch on your favorite snack guilt-free!

Cost: ₹119

Juicy Paneer Roll @ University Chai Ki Tapri

The favourite spot for all Kanpur University Students, this roll spot in Kanpur alongside the Petrol pump is filled with patrons around the clock. Their famous Juicy Paneer Roll does justice to its name by being as filling as it is delicious.

Cost: ₹35

Kebab Roll @ Baba Fast Food

Baba Biryani is one of the oldest and the most famous Biryani places in Kanpur. But did you know that they also serve an absolute fire Kebab roll, as well? So, if you want a break from their awesome Biryani, try this roll for just 30 bucks!

Cost: ₹30

Mutton Roll @ Punjabi Rasoi

Serving the perfect blend of North Indian spices, Punjabi Rasoi offers both Veg and Non-Veg options. But if you ask those who frequent the place, their Mutton Roll stands above the rest due to its rich taste and the sheer rollercoaster of spices it comes with.

Cost: ₹160

Spicy Aloo Roll @ Talk of the Town

This spicy and dazzling Aloo Roll with all the in-house sauces and vegetables truly makes it the 'Talk of the Town'. With its large menu option and a prime location like Gumti, this outlet sees massive footfall, so much so that it sometimes leads to traffic jams.

Cost: ₹45

Veg Roll @ Manoj Fast Food

This eatery serves affordable and filling snacks for the students, this roll place in Kanpur's Kakadeo becomes a favorite of anyone who tries it for the first time. Enjoy this roll with a tangy chutney and a soft drink and you'll keep coming back for more.

Cost: ₹50

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