Second sector of 'New Kanpur City' scheme to be built on 5 hectares of Hindupur village

Second sector of 'New Kanpur City' scheme to be built on 5 hectares of Hindupur village

The new Kanpur City Scheme is being rolled out in 7 villages; planning has been underway since 1996.

Kanpur Development Authority has decided to include about 5 hectares of Hindupur Village land under the banner of the second sector of the New Kanpur Scheme. As per reports, preparations are already underway for the first sector, made on 80 hectares of land across Bari Akbarpur Cachar, Singhpur Cachar and Gangpur Chakbda villages. The development strategy has been devised for 7 rural blocks between Mainavati to Singhpur and Singhpur to Kalyanpur.

The course of 'New Kanpur City' scheme

In the development pipeline since 1996, the New Kanpur City Scheme has gone through a turbulent timeline. While the plan files were closed midway, the project was revived by the KDA in 2017 with the ambition of developing 200 hectares of land. Of this, the agency could acquire 111 hectares and released 26 hectares of land due to court cases. Presently, it holds authority over 85 hectares of land, with 80 dedicated for the first sector and 5 units for the second phase.

Besides this, the project also encountered another setback in the form of a ban on passing a layout. It was then that the engineers and project officer, on account of their personal relations, constructed buildings here without permissions. The KDA board conducted a review meeting in this prospect directed to mark the names of negligent engineers and enforcement officers, however, no action has been yet initiated.

On the order of the board, the KDA will now formulate a sector-wise scheme. The idea will be propelled by inspection of the vacant land near acquired land at the villages, by the Tehsiladat, two other agency officials and accountants. The said constituted team will mark the expanse of vacant space, so that it can be directly sold to the concerned farmer or private owner. It has also been finalised that the land space left after the completion of the two sectors of the scheme will be developed and sold as pockets.

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